About The Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Foundation

The Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Foundation was established in March, 1993 by Kagoshima Prefecture, Yakushima Town(old Kamiyaku Town and Yaku Town). The foundation is the central organization devoted to the promotion of “Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village”.

In order to conserve the nature of Yakushima and to create a new community coexisting with nature, the foundation implements various projects such as Nature Protection Activities, Environmental Preservation Support Projects and Community Development Support Projects.

The foundation is also commissioned by Kagoshima Prefecture to manage and operate the “Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center” and “Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Learning Center”.

Undertakings of the foundation

Environmental Preservation
Support Programs

Basic Education on environmental preservation, as well as promotion and guidance for preservation efforts.
(in order to protect Jomon Cedar and others, we assist with mountain patroles, distribution of educational pamphlets to mountain climbers, mountain path maintenance, etc.)

Environmental Education

Operation of a network that plans, develops and implements a variety of environmental study programs. (organization events such as Yakushima Nature Experience Seminars and Yakushima Short Programs)

Cultural Projects

Issuing the foundation’s newsletters, organizing events related to environmental conservation of Yakushima, engaging in support of community development.
(publishing the “Yakushima Report”, organizing and participating in events commemorating the designation, and others designed to introduce the activities of the Foundation both inside and outside Kagoshima Prefecture)

Management and operation of the core facilities
of the Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village

Management of Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center and Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Learning Center, core facilities of the Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Concept, the goal of protecting nature and building communities in harmony with nature