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Yakushima Environmental Culture Learning Center

The Yakushima Environmental Culture Learning Center, one of the core facilities of the Yakushima Environmental Culture Village.
Yakushima Environmental Culture Learning Center is a base for efforts towards realizing the goal of living in harmony with nature.
The teaching materials are the mountains, forests, rivers and sea of Yakushima, along with human lifestyles, and industry found in the villages. Participants find themselves immersed in and moving through nature, using their own senses to notice, realize, and appreciate nature in a learning experience that touches the heart.
The center hosts seminars, observation meetings, study meetings, and other events on subjects such as Yakushima's natural environment, history, and culture. Lodgings can also be arranged.

Main entrance
 Total floor area・・・2,800㎡
 Structure・・・・・・・・2 stories wood and ferroconcrete in parts

Yakushima World Heritage Conservation Center, Yakusugi Museum, and laurel-leaved forests are all nearby, making a perfect area for studying Yakushima's natural environment and culture.
Entrance Hall
Visitors can access a variety of information in this lounge. 

Entrance Hall
Entrance Hall
Lecture Room(Seats 18-24)
  Lecture Room (3 rooms)   Fee・・・320 yen per room per hour

Ideal for small groups and complete with video equipment, this room can also be used for meetings.

  AV Room (Seats 80) Fee・・・1,330 yen per room per hour

 Furnished with a variety of audio-visual equipment, this room can be used for lectures and seminars.
AV Room (Seats 80)
Campsite(Roofed area accommodates 50)
  Campsite Fee・・・1,030 yen per person per night

Guests can camp under the room on rainy days.
Nature Library
A collection of books and other materials on the natural environment and Yaukshima.
Nature Library
  General Lodging Rooms
 (quadruple occupancy / 10 rooms)
  2,040yen per person per night
  Special Lodging Rooms
  (double occupancy / 5 rooms)
  3,070yen per person per night

Dining/Meeting Hall
This dining room also serves as a place for islanders and visitors to enjoy each other's company. 
Dining/Meeting Hall

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Air(JAC)・・・・・・・・・・・Kagoshima Airport ←→ Yakushima Airport

Jetfoil(Toppy)・・・・Kagoshima Port ←→ Miyanoura Port /Anbo Port
                (about 2 hrs.~about 2 hrs. 30 min.)

Jetfoil(Rocket)・・・・Kagoshima Port ←→ Miyanoura Port
               (about 2 hrs.~2 hrs. 40 min.)

Ferry(Ferry Yakushima2)・・・Kagoshima Port ←→ Miyanoura Port
                 (about 4 hrs.)

On the island・・・・・・From Miyanoura Port: 45 min. by bus, 30 min. by taxi
          From Yakushima Air port: 25 min. by bus, 15 min. by taxi
          From Anbo Port:  10 min. by bus, 5 min. by taxi

Yakushima Environmental Culture Learning Center
2739-343 Maedake, Anbo, Yakushima Town, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture, 891-4205, JAPAN
TEL:0997-46-2900 FAX:0997-49-7015

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